The Joy Of Being, a Guided Meditation tool for work can be used to experience the core energy of your being which is peaceful, positive and powerful…your best self, your real nature!
Experience the Joy Of Being…view 60 sec. sampler below
Click to view the sample         Beach
        Relax, Balance and Recharge
Click to view the sample         Forest
        Ground, Connect and Strengthen
Click to view the sample         River
        Open, Flow and Create
Guided Meditations for Work: A multimedia transformational experience; rich audio, dynamic visuals and empowering spoken language. Available on CD & DVD, the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod and the iPad . Each meditation offers eleven minutes of pure bliss.  To Order
Quite a Surprise!
I follow them on Twitter @joyofbeing so I downloaded this app to see what all the fuss was about….It is surprisingly good! As a NYC middle school teacher, there are very few quiet moments in my day. Instead of waiting for them to occur, this app has actually helped me to create them! Much more than I expected, and well worth the download! Thanks!

"My name is Janice Nichols, throughout my teenage years and up until recently I have always had a difficult time sleeping. My dad told me about a meditation CD that could help. I have been listening to your CD for over a month and it has been a God-send. I am able to relax in order to get to sleep. Last week, I flushed my prescription bottle of sleep medicine down the toilet. I am able to relax and fall into a deep sleep. I eagerly anticipate the release of your next mediation CD. Joy Of Being is the bomb!"
Copyright 2007, Joy of Being